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Organisational Structure


The structure of the GRASAG KNUST has undergone a series of transformation over the years as a result of the amendments and review of its constitution. GRASAG KNUST practices the principles of separation of powers. Presently, the association is made up of three major working bodies Vis, the executive council, the judicial committee and the senate. The three working bodies of GRASAG are independent of each other. This is pretty so to ensure checks and balances.



This body like the executive arm of government at the national level is the policy initiating and implementing body of the entire GRASAG. It comprises of the executive committee, College Board representatives, and heads and secretaries of committees excluding the judicial committee. The executive committee is made up of the President, the Vice president, the General Secretary , the Treasurer, the Organising Secretary, the Women’s Commissioner, the Public Relations Officer(PRO),the IDL Southern Coordinator and the IDL Northern Coordinator. Other officers appointed by the president in consultation with the executive committee are not part of the executive council. The president chairs the executive council.



All legislative powers herein granted is vested in the senate. The senate is composed of an elected representative, called a senator, from every department of the University offering a postgraduate programme, for one academic year renewable and the clerk of senate who is the secretary to the Senate. The senate deliberates on the policies of the executive council and other matters of students' concern and passes resolutions. It also approves all appointees of the president. The senate receives, discusses and approves all budget of the association. The Speaker of Senate chairs senate sittings.



The judicial power of the association resides and exercised by the Judicial Committee in accordance with the provisions of the GRASAG KNUST constitution and accordingly the President nor Senate nor any officer under the association have or is given final judicial power. The judicial committee has the power to adjudicate on matters brought under its jurisdiction. The judicial committee chairman chairs the judicial committee and presides over judicial committee sittings.