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Welcome Message

Eugene Tony Paha

Nowhere in history have TALKERS made any meaningful impact, rather, it takes men of action who resolve never to give up until they see the realization of their dreams, who really make any meaningful impact.

This is the path I want the new GRASAG to tread.

A GRASAG of hope that has its leaders being responsive to the challenges of students, through Serious Action and Less Talk.

Our collective vision in the next academic year is to make judicious use of the limited resources of the association to the benefit of the ordinary GRASAG member. This can only come to pass if we all resolve to take positive actions individually and collectively for the benefit of the association.

It’s been a rather stressful semester, with elections, thesis defense and a whole lot, thankfully, it ended successfully. To those who will be graduating, congratulations in advance. To the continuing students, let us forge ahead as one body with a common vision of pursuing the welfare and interest of the Graduate Student.

The first major step in having a more successful and better association is to diffuse the age-old mentality that, the challenges of our time must be met only by leadership. We must fight our challenges together, as a body and not leave them to an elected few. I agree, leadership should take the bold and first steps, but it can only get better with the full support and commitment by all. The executive body is working tirelessly to ensure that next academic year brings to us more success moments and I want all of us to support in prayers and in whatever way we can.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a happy vacation period. To those who are having internships in different spheres of our economy, let the core values of our University guide you in achieving excellence. To the employed and entrepreneurs, the world is expecting more from you, and as products of KNUST graduate school, you cannot afford to disappoint. I leave you with this ‘‘We can only leave indelible marks with our actions so watch your actions, they will make you or otherwise!’’

God bless the great Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology!!!

God bless GRASAG-KNUST!!!

God bless us all!!!

Eugene Tony Paha